Trader Trade Contest (TTC)

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Guidelines & TOC.

Please do follow this step to ensure that you are entitle to join the KromoFX TradeAdvisor Trader Trade Contest (TTC).  

  1. Please click the brokerage banner listed here and register your new trading account. Please remember to enter the Agent/IB number if needed prior to register.
  2. Please make sure you make an initial deposit at USD $100 onto your trading account.
  3. Don't forget to contact us via WhatsApp (+ 60 12 914 7456) and gives your E-Mail / WhatsApp ID / Mobile Phone Number.
  4. After verification by KromoFX TradeAdvisor team member, you can start trading and compete.
  5. All trader need to gives their Forex Trading Account Number, Investor Password and Server Name via e-mail to contestreg [at] kromofx dot com for contest monitoring.
  6. Please remember that no additional fund can be top-up to your trading account whatsoever even-though you got Margin Call (MC) throughout the contest period.
  7. All contestant will be added automatically to KromoFX VVIP whereby they will get FREE Forex Signal Daily. Contestant can use this signal for their trading activity within this forex trading contest period.

Contest Requirement & Information.

Please do follow this requirement to ensure that you are eligible for Trader Trade Contest (TTC).  

  1. Starting trading value for this contest is USD $100. 
  2. This contest will be commencing for two month (consecutively). Started date is listed down below.
  3. Winners will be based on the highest trading Return Of Investment (ROI). To eligible, every trader need to make at least 35% (ROI) at the end of contest period.
  4. These ROI is based only on trading activities, no others profit (i.e broker commission or broker bonus) will be calculated.
  5. Multiple contest entry is permissible. You can open more than 1 forex trading account for contest purposes and winner will always being based on who can generate more ROI.

Broker For Contest

InstaForex MIB/Agent Code : HQST

Contest Date.

Listed here is the schedule for Trader Trade Contest (TTC).  

Winning Prize.

Listed here is the winning prize for Trader Trade Contest (TTC).